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Post Reply Hello, to Crunchyroll, New User Here
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Posted 2/17/18 , edited 2/18/18

CutiePachimariPie wrote:

Thank you for the warm welcome and yes I am a fan of pokemon and Dragon Ball Z right now I am more focused on Overwatch and other blizzard games :)

You're very welcome, and honestly, if you ever want to just chat, just send a message, and I will reply as soon as I am able to. I also am trying to get my start here, having been a watcher for the past couple of months. Figured it could be great if I could help other new users also get their start.

Yeah I do not know why, but DBZ has been on my mind a lot lately. The release of FighterZ, the temptation to watch Super despite its super large length or the recent upload of Super Eyepatch Wolf's video of why he loves DBZ, could all explain it...I came to know about and like games and anime thanks to a gift of the Gamecube game Dragonball Z Budokai.

You know, I have always wanted to play games like Starcraft and Overwatch, but I have never had the luck of having a good PC. I have always been a console gamer because they are WAAAAYYYY easier to manage compared to a PC.
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Posted 9/4/18 , edited 9/4/18
Hello and welcome back??

My only excuse for not being active in this community is cuz I got busy with life and forgot that Crunchyroll existed and that I had an account here. I'd been using a different site to watch my anime though.... I recently tried to watch anime here, and wanted to smash my computer XD
So for me, I will just be sticking to the site I used to always use, since of here.
I will be using the forums here more though.... I got me some plans lol ^.^
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Posted 9/5/18 , edited 9/5/18
Well the forums on this site are nowhere as active as they used to be, but you should still feel welcomed to be a part of this wonderful community.
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Posted 9/7/18 , edited 9/7/18
Welcome to the Crunchyroll forum! Crunchyroll will take care of you from now on.
Posted 9/7/18 , edited 9/8/18
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