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Post Reply Your thoughts on people who judge based on age?
Posted 1/29/18 , edited 1/30/18
It’s meant to be a joke
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Just people being assholes.

New day, new way, same bullshit in the end.
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_gemini_ wrote:

I feel like there's a bit of cockiness from a lot of 90's/80's kids when it comes to people from younger generations. The whole "if youre young then youre not allowed to like anything from older generations" mentality that a lot of people have is a bit aggravating.

A similar experience is with people who will shun anyone who doesn't know every damn thing about a certain game/band/book/anime/etc.

I don't think I have ever heard anyone say you can't like something from another generation. I actually try to get my nephews to like different things from every generation. So far they like Queen, Animaniacs, The Beatles, Metallica, Disney movies, Anime, Harry Potter, and a lot of stuff from my generation and older. Shoot I love a lot of things from the older generations and can't imagine not sharing with others.

I will agree about the know it all's for different media. I have a horrible memory and would love to be able to remember everything about my favorite media but it would mean I would watch/read/listen to the same stuff all the time instead of finding something new. I love new stuff because there's that wonderful exited new feelings that you can never get from old media. You can get nostalgic but that's more of a yearning to experience it new again.
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