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I apologise for taking forever to post this I got extremely sick and have been busy with exams throughout the week so it took me a while to get around
to writing this, this review will contain minor spoilers of the fights within V5 however I will not be spoiling the outcomes of the fights nor the
reasoning for them so if you don't mind knowing who's going to fight continue on however if not I suggest you catch up on V5 as it's all free on
Rooster Teeth's youtube currently.

RWBY Vol 5 had me extremely hyped, after Vol 4 I finally felt like we going to get to learn more about the world of remnant, salem and the relics. Vol 4 just acted as filler to follow up on the hype that was
Vol 3, that was fine as Vol 3 was extremely hectic and having Vol 4 be just as hectic wouldn't be very good in terms of story pacing. However when Vol 5 came out I finally felt like we were actually gonna learn
stuff and see some crazy fights between characters and I was.... well wrong and right at the same time.

Vol 5 started off pretty boring and we were only given 2 fights at the beginning which are the minor fights in the Volume, the first being Weiss vs Lancers and the second Yang vs Bandits, the first was
extremely boring in my opinion, i'm not much of a fan of air battles mostly because they try to imitate a high speed chase but end up looking extremely generic and like a scene you've seen for the hundredth.
Not much happened in this fight besies firing off some glyphs and trying to nuke the Queen Lancer with dust. Though I did like the little ending when she summons the knight, that part looked really badass.
Yang vs the bandits was pretty decent, it was a quick fight and wasn't too fancy but it definitely showed that Rooster Teeth is getting better at animating these fights compared to when they just started to change the style
in Vol 4, the fight looked a lot more fluid and well it still felt like there was no gravity the entire fight that's fine and just something we're gonna have to get use to seeing in RWBY, all around these
fights weren't great but compared to last Volume's minor fights they were a hell of a lot better looking and more entertaining. The problem with the Minor fights is there weren't many, we got these fight's in the first
4 episodes and after that we weren't greeted with much action for a while, I like plot don't get me wrong but I want a good mixture of plot and fighting within episodes not give us a couple of fights than
starving us of any action for 6 episodes straight.

The major fight I wanted to talk about was Cinder vs Raven, now this... THIS WAS A GOOD FIGHT. It looked like something straight out of Naruto or Dragon Ball, it felt like an actual anime studio known for it's
fighting animation NOT ROOSTER TEETH. They shocked me with this fight and I was genually proud to see how far they've come in terms of animation. The fight was unexpected but it actually felt like
a fight between people with amazing powers, you can definitely tell they're on whole different levels of speed and power compared to other characters. However the one problem I have with this fight is the
build up for it was extremely boring and literally nothing happens afterwards... There was like 15 characters all ready to fight eachother so it's sad we were only given Cinder vs Raven when you clearly
could have had plenty of mini fights between characters, even if they didn't result in anything it would still have been better than one or two punches being thrown only to be cut to another scene
when they make it seem like somethings about to go down. I was so excited to see all of the characters we haven't seen in a while fight like Mercury and Emarld or even see Hazel in battle but instead we only
get a few punches from him and literally every character going "He's too strong!" don't just tell us he's strong, show us.

The plot this season felt like it was trying to go somewhere... but as soon as they threatened to move it forward we'd get cut to something completely different and not really expanded on anymore, and the
plot twists we did get were really minor and it was typically only confirming stuff we were hinted at in Vol 4. People talk about how RWBY story pacing is complete and utter trash and I have to kind of
agree, all you have to do is look at how much we learned in Vol 3 compared to Vol 4 and 5. I really hope they sort of this "No advancing the plot majorly for entire Volumes" because the only reason I really
excused this pacing in Vol 1 and 2 was we were given pretty kick ass fight scenes frequently and didn't have to go 5+ episodes straight just to get some more fighting, Rooster Teeth either needs to make the
plot move along faster and not drag it out by giving us extremely minor details and ending them on cliff hangers like they're so big reveal. "Oh Qrow and Raven were actually birds? What a shocker!" (Before
a little off topic but anyways... I'm not saying every episode has to expand the plot and as I said Vol 2-3 were pretty well paced, but if you're not giving us any plot progression or fights than what's the
point in even watching that Volume? It's like i'm watching filler but in actuallity it's just an EXTREMELY poor paced plot. We typically get more plot revealed from the soundtrack which i'm completely fine with but if
there's ACTUALLY NOTHING going on why am I even watching it? There's no point in even watching the Volume for the most part except the first 3-4 episodes and last 4-5, everything else was just Naruto filler but
if you took out the fight scenes... NOTHING MEANT ANYTHING.

The character progression was somehow even worse, besides learning some stuff about Jaune that i'm not gonna spoil in this review/discussion, the only thing we got was (Hopefully) the end to Blakes White Fang Depression arc
which by the way, I am so happy we finally got. Blake has to be my least favorite out of the 4 characters and not cause she's the edgy one, I LIKE EDGY. They just did her so wrong by making her run away from
EVERYTHING. Ok the first few times it was good, She ran away when her secret was revealed which made sense, she didn't really know her team yet and couldn't completely trust them. When she confronted Adam it
also made sense as she was gonna lose that fight HANDS DOWN. But running away after that? HELL NO, I get not wanting to get Yang or the rest of the team involved but why not Sun? Why did she just revert
to her scared self, also she didn't even wanna take down the White Fang until Sun pretty much forced her into it. HELLO, DID YOU SEE WHAT THEY DID TO YOUR HOME AND YOUR BEST FRIEND OF ALL PEOPLE. If she went
to go take on the White Fang by herself i'd let this slide... BUT SHE JUST WANTED TO RUN AWAY... HUH? I know this is more so Vol 4 but it has a major impact on Vol 5 so i'm counting it. Ending this dreaded
arc was a great idea and I really hope Blake doesn't revert again it's happened WAAAAAAAY too much it's just cliche. As for the rest of the major girls in Vol 5? Yang learned about her mother more and finally
got to confront her, and now she's starting to question Ozpin so there's definitely some character progress even if just a little bit. Weiss didn't do much besides unlocking more of her semblance and also
learning about Yang's mother more and Ozpin, she didn't change at all really but i'll let it slide since she had her arc in Vol 4... Well how about our fearless leader who has had almost nothing since Vol 3? Surely
she's gotta grow atleast a little this Volume she's the main character... NOPE NOTHING, Ruby served a much of a purpose this Volume as Ren and Nora, and atleast their arc last Volume (Mostly Ren.) The only thing she did was talk to Oscar and give

To wrap thing's up after this long discussion, RWBY Vol 5 was extremely boring, atleast in Vol 4 we got some back story for some much needed characters but in this Volume we only got the plot that "Haven
is going to be attacked" and than it turns out the attack was less exciting than watching a competitive Connect 4 match, THE CONNECT 4 MATCH WOULD ALSO MEAN A HELL OF A LOT MORE. I don't think the Volume was
terrible despite how I make it sound but let me say if you haven't watched this Volume yet, don't worry you're not missing much. My underlying problem with this Volume is it meant
nothing and it was EXTREMELY boring, you can't just make an entire Volume with no story or fighting, it's fine to have more "Fillery" arcs but you need to add some source of entertainment whether that's through
comedy or fighting or some other way is up to the show but having absolutely nothing happen throughout the entire Volume only to reveal minor plot twists is not enough to make me wanna watch this show.
I'm still a huge RWBY fanboy so of course I forced myself to watch it but I sure as hell am not gonna call it good. I love this show and want it to succeed so of course i'm gonna call out the major
mistakes they're making with it and I hope they can fix these mistakes in Volume 6, they seem to be kind of starting to get it and since they started fixing the animation I have hope they'll fix this too.
Probably the only thing i'm gonna enjoy about this Volume is gonna be the sound track, it's one of the major reasons I love this show and I am extremely proud of both Jeff and Casey for continually making
these amazing soundtracks. Sad part is i'll probably learn a hell of a lot more about the plot from one of the songs in the sound track than I will in this entire Volume.
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