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Posted 1/31/18 , edited 1/31/18
Hey there guys,
As you now know. "Darling in the FRANXX" is being simulcast by Crunchyroll Saturdays 9:00 am Pacific Coastal time.
We are three episodes in at the time of this writing, and I'm curious as to what you guys think of it.
Don't get vulgar, we all know what we are thinking, just try to keep it real and corraled in the comments.
Let be a little adult, even if you are 13. But of course, most of the whats going on maybe going over your heads, and this would be a good time to explain things.
Personally, I like the fluid dynamic Anime style of Trigger when they do the fight sequences. Only our imaginations are going just as wild as to what is going on in the cockpit of the Robot. Or is that Rooster seat? Anyhow, let is know and give us any hints of what you may think will happen in the next episode.
And of course, you may express this in Mime, interpretive dance, gifs or finger paints.
We will also accept just regular run of the mill JPEG images as well.
Welcome aboard our little Group Page, and I hope we all have fun!

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Posted 1/31/18 , edited 2/1/18
These past three episodes have been a roller coaster of emotions for me. One second Hiro is getting his face licked, the next he is denying a ride with the best anime girl of 2018, Zerotwo. I've yet to see a character act the way she does, and that is what got me hooked on the first episode. People are getting tired of the tsundere character type and she is just so different from what we have previously seen. I don't know how to exactly explain her archetype, but I think we can all agree... she's loveable.

Now I don't have any solid predictions for the next episode. But what I will say is Zerotwo is really trying to make her relationship with Hiro concrete. Not in the sense that they are in "full going steady mode", but just letting everyone know that he is the only one who is worthy to ride with her. I'm also hoping that in this next episode we see a little more character development for Ichigo. I mean it is totally the whole she's in love with Hiro type thing, but what are they? I believe it was either Futoshi or Goro that brought up their similar codes in the last episode. All speculation at this point so we'll just have to wait and see this Saturday!

(Also Hiro and Zerotwo better ride together )
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Posted 2/1/18 , edited 2/1/18
Just watched Ep 3, and wow, this show is really something else. Had me on the edge of my seat for all sorts of reasons. Frustration at the continued mocking of Hiro, anticipation over whether or not Zero Two and Hiro would ride together again, the hype during the fights, and the end scene of course.

I love how adamant she is in having Hiro be her Darling, as well as the depth of character she is being given through her actions and attitude towards other characters.

Art and visuals continues to amaze me, always loved Trigger's style, and the scene where she stands above the city is just breathtaking.

Definitely look forward to next Saturday!

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Posted 2/3/18 , edited 2/3/18
Parallels to Japanese culture?

Is it just me or am I seeing some overarching themes here about Japanese culture when it comes to things like sex and attraction. The repressiveness of the city ind FRANXX is similar to how these topics are talked about and discussed in Japanese culture. Even the parasites themselves oblivious to their own sexual inclinations is similar to how a teen growing up in said culture would respond to changes brought about through puberty and a gradual sense of knowledge towards people's sexuality.
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Posted 3/11/18 , edited 3/11/18

I just noticed that there a lot going on with flowers in Darling in the Franxx so i searched a little and found these two pages about The female characters and the plantations with their meanings.

The meanings of those flowers really give away many of the personality of each of the character.. and maybe their future storyline?
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Posted 3/11/18 , edited 3/11/18
Ok i know it has been while since you said that @buyingGf but yeah! i can see that totally ! you know your culture for sure! always a treat to read your input here....

@Komodo You really have shown something we all missed out on greatly.. more research into this is needed. this could be it ! as you said would reveal many of the traits of characters and what happens later.

@JayAssassin that pic is beautiful! thanks for the share! i still come back to what you said in your post here about Zerotwo

ZeroTwo better be around at the end of season 1 and for season 2 .... the others of the group also better join her!
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