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Posted 1/31/18 , edited 1/31/18
I stare out the window watching as the flowers swish from side to side and laugh together. I sigh a soft breathe out envious of the flowers that get to breathe the fresh cool air everyday unlike myself who is always stuck in this brick home that I now like of as a prison. I always think to myself, why am I stuck in this place when I have legs that allow me to get up from my tall bed and walk out the door and down the hall, down the stairs, across the way that shows the door, all large and shimmering in its beautiful finish. Only I know that if I were to get up I would be ambushed with people asking me if I need anything if I want to take a bathe if I want a new book if I want them to go into the town for me. And then if I ever got past those people I would get grabbed by the waist and lifted up by him. Who would only take me back and reprimand my actions and lock me in a room where I can only talk to myself my mind trying to keep the small shred of sanity it still has after all the years of putting up with him and this places that use to hold such precious memories that would make one smile at the thought of, but instead they only bring tears to the edges of my eyes, making my body curl into a ball and silently cry and cry till I feel like there are no more tears to shed for that time I sit in the empty lonely room trying to forget that there will never be anymore happy laughter running through the home that once brought music and laughter.
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