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Posted 2/1/18 , edited 2/4/18
crunchy roll is dead.. it does not work on any of my devices be it my s8 + edge,alienware laptop,ps4, xbox1 or my firestick its choppy does not synced correctly be it 4g lte or fios its low quality or it always buffering so ill be canceling my membership indefinitely ive given more then enough time for them to fix there service and will be promoting others to do so as well
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Posted 2/4/18 , edited 2/4/18
I agree. I let them know about the problems over a year ago and they have no intentions of fixing any of it. The problem is the Adobe Flash player they've decided to stick with instead of using the recommended HTML5 that any good website would have switched to by now. The only way they offer the "fix" is to pay more to have access to being a beta tester for the HTML5 player.
The other method that I suggest is switching over to VRV and linking your Crunchyroll account so that you can use their HTML5 player. However, I'm not sure that all of the episodes that you would like from Crunchyroll are available on VRV. At this point, since they have known of the problems for over a year and have done nothing to fix them for paying customers, they owe money back in my opinion. But that's how the cookie crumbles.
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