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Posted 2/2/18 , edited 2/3/18
This is so frustrating! I have always wanted to come back to crunchyroll, so I paid my subscription and within just A DAY everything is freezing and going to a black screen! Seriously?! I have a 300mb connection and I stream ALOT with no problem on third party websites. Now I actually have money to pay and want to give back and I cant even do that the right way without having to go through issues.. fucking bullshit. Just makes me wanna go back to the old free way.

Problem - 1-10 seconds in I receive "OK or "K" at the bottom of the screen while pausing my episode. No matter what I try to do, reload the app, restart the roku.. fuck a paying customer right? Done paying, no more CR for me.
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Posted 2/2/18 , edited 2/2/18
Works perfectly for me with my Roku-3, no glitches playing, pause button, play, forward, reverse, arrow left, arrow right, even repeat the last 10 seconds, all respond correctly, and I only have 60 down and 6 up. What model Roku are you using? Or maybe what show are you trying to watch?
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