Episode 4: Flap Flap Discussion!

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Posted 2/3/18 , edited 2/3/18
So in the last forum, I posted my predictions for this episode... and let me tell you I was pretty close. I am so happy to see Hiro & Zero Two finally get to ride together. Maybe not legally, but it's an anime so who cares about repercussions right? The dynamic duo managed to hop on together and save the day once again. Not only this but Hiro also showed the world his true power, and that he is actually one of the few Stamen compatible with Zero Two. I'm hoping that Papa will see this and retract his previous plan for the two. I have literally zero clues for the next episode so I'm going to save that for a later day when we all have more time to look into it.

On a side note, the others managed to work together well enough. Maybe not to the level of the other two, but we can really see everyone growing as a squad. I can't wait to see what they're all capable of later.

(Oh my god oh my god oohhh)

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Posted 2/3/18 , edited 2/4/18
I was happy to see them pilot together again, though I didn't mind having to wait even longer. Hopefully Hiro's attitude in this episode will finally change people's opinions of him for the better. I really enjoyed the excitement and energy that Zero-Two had once he confessed to her.

I'm gonna rewatch all 4 episodes a few times to see if I can notice more details and get more clues as to HQ's decision moving forward concerning Hiro and Zero-Two.

Also I am still curious as to the name Hiro will give Zero-Two.
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Posted 2/9/18 , edited 2/9/18
Someone mentioned that it is supposed to say, "Fap Fap". What does Fap Fap mean? So I had to look it up, and it is an onomatopoeia used to imply male masturbation.
Spanking the monkey, shucking the corn, slapping the naked mole-rat (yes, there is such a thing.).
Now everyone is like, What the heck does "onomatopoeia" mean...well this: "the imitation of a sound",
Not that I would know any of this because I'm a virgin and want to stay a virgin so LA LA LA LA LA I don't see this or hear this.
Also, I have some swampland in Florida for sale!
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