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Posted 2/5/18 , edited 2/6/18
So uh yeah this was made for OP male lead manga or manhwa. I mean I like manhua sometimes, but other times I don't like the colors. Light novel's are ok in this as long as they fit the description. I'll provide examples. Tales of Demons and Gods - I know, I know I said Manga or Manwha in the title but this is my favorite example of a manhua if you like them. Top class guy reverts back to 13 years of age because of book and get's op in like 30-50 chapters in.
Dungeon Seeker - (Dark/Tragedy) Start's off in a normal world(honestly not really) then get's summoned to another by a "god". MC was extremely weak in the normal world and is even more trash in the new world they get put in. But in like 4 chapters he gets extremely op with a skill that makes his body and liquids from his body extremely toxic towards most beings without a resistance to it. Goblin Slayer - (Extremely dark to the point where mainly adults should read this) The story is about a man that hunts goblins. Literally just, goblins. His family was slaughtered when he was young so he practically went insane and only hunted goblins for "revenge" I guess. Anyway in the terms that compared to the opponents he usually faces he is OP, but against things like demons not exactly...
Anyway those are examples that I can give for now. If you like these I have some suggestions so just ask. Leave your favorites if you want to share. Always looking for more to read( I read them way too fast. ) Thank you in advance. Mr-Tachanka
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Posted 2/5/18 , edited 2/6/18

Hands down good Manhwa and funny and the main char is OP (in a sense he is weak to start with but his power lets him well....hint in the name of the title )
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