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Posted 2/5/18 , edited 2/6/18
Does anyone else tend to pause and analyze anime? Im currently watching Naruto 50 ish eps in and i find myself always pausing to figure things out. Its not even to figure out something that confuses me its just for the sake of over analyzing things and wanting to know what the fuck is going on but even then i find myself pausing every 30 seconds and i feel like im ruining it for myself. Example would be;
I undestand a few times but i feel like this is getting out of hand and i cant enjoy the anime. I normally analyze things like during Bleach for example but its never happened this much. Am i the only one that does this? And advice on how to stop doing this as much?

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Posted 2/6/18 , edited 2/6/18
Nothing wrong with reflecting and analysing an anime, but if you're finding yourself actively pausing while watching to do so my gut reaction would be to suggest the anime isn't actually interesting you that much and your brain is getting bored.
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Posted 2/6/18 , edited 2/6/18
Only time I've ever done this was on Bakemonogatari--I kept pausing and rewinding to see what all the text flashing by was saying, and how it related.

Ultimately, watch how you want to watch. If you enjoy stopping it every 30 secs--more power to you.

That being said, sometimes you need to give yourself permission to come back, to see what you missed the first time. For instance, I used to dislike museums; I always tried to rush to see everything, and ended up feeling like everything was underwhelming. It took me awhile to realize that the right answer is to see less, but experience it more. I convince myself that I'm likely to come back another time to see what I am missing, so that I can take the time to enjoy what I am seeing. Not being worried about missing things allows me to love museums.

You might need to do the same with anime; don't worry if you miss a subtle point. If you enjoy it enough, you'll rewatch it later and can then catch the stuff you missed. In other words, give yourself permission to come back.
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Posted 2/7/18 , edited 2/7/18
If you like it, then continue. Thinking about what happened in a show is part of the enjoyment, particularly when it's not piled up for a binge session.

If you'd like advice on how to stop ...

Some anime have deep reasons for what happens. Their power systems are very consistent, and operate on principles the characters and viewers come to understand over time. Awesome new moves soon make sense when you think back on previous events. Some examples of consistent abilities off the top of my head are One Piece and Hunter x Hunter. Most new powers don't need any explanation, and don't receive any except from the reactions of victims.

Naruto is not that kind of show. New abilities are essentially pulled out of thin air whenever the author thought of something new and cool to try. Some abilities "grow" out of past experiences, but tons don't. Powers are usually thematic based on the character.

Sometimes if a series goes on long enough, the creator(s) run out of steam on their original power system. A show can start with a fairly consistent set of rules everyone plays by, but eventually the rules get thrown out the window and stuff just happens because it's cool and there's the need to keep getting bigger and flashier than previous moves. Bleach and Naruto to an extent fall into this type. JoJo too if you compare the different Parts to each other, though the powers are fairly consistent within each Part itself. These things will usually be explained at some point through a flashback or a character explaining their special move.

For shows without a sustained internal consistency, just sit back and enjoy the ride. It will be made up for by character interaction, action scenes, comedy or art and acting.

Sometimes a show will "jump the shark." That phrase is based on an episode of the old sitcom Happy Days, where one episode literally had a character try to ride a motorcycle over a pool with a shark in it -- for no real reason other than to make an interesting episode. It had nothing to do with how the show had normally been.
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