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Posted 2/6/18 , edited 2/6/18
I want to bring to your attention a certain archetype of characters that shows up in anime from now and then that I haven't seen much discussion about, as it seems we might have the potential for another one of these in this series. I will lay out what I believe this archetype is and it will be up to you to help define it, as well as hopefully come up with your own experiences of having seen this in other anime or manga.

I will be basing my findings on these three series: Black Bullet, X(CLAMP) and Ga-Rei Zero.

What these characters have in common:

- Girls with swords
- Traditional Japanese haircut(or Hime-cut)
- Usually also wears sailor uniform (But I suspect this may not always be the case)
- Some kind of Miko(Shrine Maiden and/or Exorcist)
- Partially or completely serious personality

A character of this archetype will likely have to fulfill all of these criteria, but do bring up those that fulfill some of them, the last one is the most important that they eventually do some sort of betrayal, or at least had some some sort of inner conflict or change in character.

So why does this archetype exist? I don't know, perhaps some helpful comments can shed some light on it, but I do find the characters quite interesting. I assume that the reason this character keeps popping up is because Japanese creators are taking inspirations themselves from older stories, some folktales maybe like the Yukionna and such. Maybe someone who has seen the whole Folktales from Japan series might know the answer.

So rack your brain and see if you can come up with some examples yourself of this archetype and do you think Hiyori will betray her comrades? (I hope not!! :*O)

I do know one thing and that is that this anime season has made me hungry for ramen noodels.
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Posted 3/11/18 , edited 3/11/18
A new discovery, Kiriha Kisaki from Strike the Blood II(The OVA series). She seems to also be this archtype, I didn't quite catch if she fullfils all he criterias, like if there was anyone in particular she betrayed, it seemed to me like she had maybe betrayed her sword shaman clan much like Hiyori, but I might off on that one. It's an ecchi series so I didn't pay much attention, maybe someone else knows the details.

The staff she is holding is technically a sword, so she fullfills all the criterias, I'm just not sure about the betrayal part, it sort of seems like her betraying is something that already belongs to her past, something we didn't witness.
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