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Posted 2/6/18 , edited 2/7/18

Crunchyroll has a some dubs that I'm interested in, but there's no convenient search option to find the others if they exist. I'm aware crunchyroll doesn't have many dubs (probably) but either way this filter would be more than useful.

I only stream dubs legally (and by legally I mean, purchase a funimation subscription and watch on illegal sites because their servers suck) because with dubs I'm giving the money directly to those who produce the dub, as opposed to a middle man (treated by much of the community as a charity) who takes my money and gives some of that money to the anime producers if they feel like doing so. It'll be wonderful if I could find more dubs on Crunchyroll that interest me.
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Posted 2/7/18 , edited 2/7/18
Here's the main thread for CR dubs: /forumtopic-788825/crs-english-dubbed-anime

I also just sent a notification to the mod who maintains it with several more I found, but they haven't been incorporated into the main list yet, they are added to the bottom:

Also, take the "$" sign out whenever you try to post a picture, it's a bug...
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