Stolen Account *URGENT*
Posted 2/7/18 , edited 2/7/18
Hello. I really don't have the time to wait for a reply from email support and I saw someone else had gotten their issue resolved here pretty fast so here are the details

A while back I signed up to use the 30 day trial to see how I liked the service. I canceled before the trial was over.
Now today, I get a charge for 82.99 for a premium + membership, but I know for a fact I cancelled my trial. I try logging in and all of my info is changed, and my account recovery email was sent to me in Spanish.

I can not recover my account, I really need help with this and getting my money back because I have bills to pay very soon. I can provide any information necessary to help this be resolved, I didn't include it in the post because I didn't want it made public. Thanks.
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Posted 2/7/18 , edited 2/7/18
Looks like they got this fixed and nuked the temp account, so closed.
For future reference, be sure to contact support in these sorts of cases!
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