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Posted 2/8/18 , edited 2/9/18

I bought this game during the Steam sale and have clocked around 7 hours so far. I'm at the first chapter and surprisingly found this game really enjoyable with what it has to offer so far.

The second game is coming soon too for NA.

Curious to know if there are any others that play this series.
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Posted 2/9/18 , edited 2/9/18
I have both games on ps3.

Other things worth noting:

- ToCS is a part of a big meta series that includes the "Trails in the Sky" series, which is also available on Steam, and "Trails of Zero/Azure", which has not yet been localized.

-The third ToCS game is already out in Japan, but has also not yet been localized. Since it features a number of characters from Trails of Zero/Azure, there's a good chance XSeed wants to localize those two games first. There should be a thread for it here on Crunchyroll somewhere, but I'll need to look for it.

edit: Here's the thread I made pertaining to the third game shortly before it was released. Unfortunately, it's highly spoilerific for anyone who hasn't yet played the first two games in the series, so browse with caution.
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Posted 3/17/18 , edited 3/17/18
This is my second favorite franchise of all time, so yes, you could say I'm a fan. That said, I'm in a bit of a waiting pattern right now until ToCS III is localized. I will probably replay both Cold Steel games and Platinum them once a release date is on the horizon.
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Posted 4/12/18 , edited 4/12/18
The climax for Trails of Cold Steel II is one of my favorite sequences in gaming history, as well as its aftereffects. Amazing music, unsettling atmosphere, several powerful opponents to stand in your way, and at the end, a fated showdown
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Posted 4/23/18 , edited 4/23/18
The 1st 8 or so hours scream P4 clone but it quickly finds its own identity and is without a doubt one of the greatest JRPG series ever. It never gets old. The world building of trails games is 2nd to none. There's a huge cast and they are fleshed out well.

XSeed did such a wonderful job with it, the translation was top notch and the dub is far superior IMO. I hope NIS america won't butcher CS3.

If you are buying the game I would recommend the steam version, from what I understand the MC voices more lines in it.
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