Account Stolen
Posted 2/9/18 , edited 2/9/18
Upon trying to log in today, I noticed that my password was changed. and I have an email saying my account email was changed, and the email provided an email address that is not mine, and is all in Spanish (which I do not speak)

I followed steps to reset my password, however, now my entire account has been "reset" my watching que now has nothing as well does my history.

When I attempted to log into the Xbox APP, the app is all in Spanish now. However, the Xbox APP still has my progress..
APP has been removed from my Xbox.

my crunchyroll "inbox" has a message for the welcome, and thanks for joining, which i received 3 days ago, however, I have had this account for months. I have also been paying for premium, my last payment was on 1/16/2018. However, now my account does not have premium, nor a username, or anything.

I had to make a new username just to even try to get this fixed.
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Posted 2/9/18 , edited 2/9/18
You should contact support directly with all that information: /contact

The forums are mostly only peer-to-peer help.
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