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Posted 2/10/18 , edited 2/10/18
Shortly after VRV started, I thought it would be a convenient way to watch Funimation content, but I was very disappointed to find that everything I tried on the Funi channel was English Dub only (even for shows I knew they still had subbed on their own site). With no easy way to tell if that was true for all of the Funimation content on VRV, I concluded it probably was and that it wasn't worth poking at shows one by one to find out and left it at that, abandoning any attempt to watch anything on the Funimation channel.

However, now that VRV does better labeling of subbed and dubbed content, It's now easier to tell that while most of the Funi content on VRV is indeed dub only, currently there are some subtitled shows on the Funimation channel. It still took a little while to browse through it all and make myself a list, but now it's done. I thought that list might be worth sharing so here it is!

Subtitled content on the Funimation channel on VRV:

Note - if a show has multiple seasons I can't vouch that all seasons are there or that all are subbed, since I didn't dig down that far.

009 Re:Cyborg (movie)
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy
Air Gear
Appleseed XIII
Appleseed XIII: Ouranos (movie)
Appleseed XIII: Tartaros (movie)
Attack on Titan
Bamboo Blade
Big Windup!
BLOOD-C: The Last Dark (movie)
C3 Anime
Chrome Shelled Regios
Concrete Revolutio
Corpse Princess: Shikabane Hime
Dimension W
Divine Gate
Dragon Ball Super
Eden of the East
El Cazador de la Bruja
Fafner: Heaven and Earth (movie)
Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess (movie)
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Ghost Hunt
Heavy Object
Heroic Age
Ikki Tousen
Initial D
Jinki: Extend
JINSEI: Life Consulting
Kamisama Kiss
Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Level E
Lupin the Third - The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
Maria the Virgin Witch
Mongolian Chop Squad
My Bride is a Mermaid
Nabara no Ou
Oblivion Island (movie)
Princess Jellyfish
Rainbow Days
Save Me! Lollipop
School Rumble
Sgt. Frog
Shonen Hollywood - Holly Stage for 49
The Slayers
Snow White with the Red Hair
Spice and Wolf
STRAIN: Strategic Armored Infantry
Strike Witches
Tales of Zestiria the X
Tower of Druaga
Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Alien vs Ninja (movie)
Athena: Goddess of War (movie)
City Under Siege
Confucius (movie)
Drop (movie)
Goemon (movie)
Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island (movie)
Ichi (movie)
Incredibly Every After (movie)
The Legend is Born - Ip Man (movie)
Let Me Out (movie)
Mulan: Rise of a Warrior (movie)
Prison School (Live Action)
RoboGeisha The Movie (movie)
Sakura Wars the Movie (movie)
Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (movie)
Smuggler (movie)
Space Battleship Yamato (movie)
Switch (movie)
The Sword with No Name (movie)
The Treasure Hunter
Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein (movie)
Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City (movie)

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Posted 2/10/18 , edited 2/10/18
Nice job of working through that...

With only a couple odd exceptions, those are (almost) all titles that are not on CR...

So, speculation time...

That may be a list of titles which might not be coming here due to contract conflicts, so Funi feels compelled to keep providing both subs and dubs for them.

Or if they do eventually come over, it is possible that those Funi subs will get removed from VRV at some point. My reasoning for this one is that at the time of the partnership announcement, Funi had said in their FAQ that they were planning on removing subs from their site as they came over to CR, and they would have mostly only dubs.

I would hope for the latter (that they would come here); there are a lot of good titles in there.
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Posted 2/10/18 , edited 2/10/18
Is Funimation proper as bad at translating signage as their VRV channel is?
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Posted 2/11/18 , edited 2/18/18
Well darn. I thought I was being so efficient adding bunches of subbed stuff from the funi channel to my VRV watchlist so I could access it easily later without having to look it up, and...

it's fine and dandy on my computer, but...

that's not where I watch. I watch on Roku, where...

The watchlist apparently is capable of listing only 10 shows.
UPDATE: Yay -- apparently the watchlist thing was a temporary problem. Roku now shows everything I'd added. That makes it much easier to browse for and pick whatever I feel like watching at the moment. Having created the master list I shared here (by first adding things into my watchlist), I'm now gradually removing those I know I won't watch--mostly ones I've either already watched all of, or tried and didn't like.

As to choosing new things to watch, I'm methodically going through in alphabetical order, which means, having finished 009 Re:Cyborg (which I didn't like) I started Appleseed XIII. I actually started with the first compilation movie, but by the halfway point had decided I liked it quite a bit and therefore I've switched over to episodes (once I finish those, there won't be a need to bother with the movies.)

Is anybody else using VRV to watch Funi subs?
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Posted 2/18/18 , edited 2/18/18
I don't know what VRV is or how it works. I'm computer/technology incontinent,
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Posted 2/18/18 , edited 2/18/18

Gafennec wrote:

I don't know what VRV is or how it works. I'm computer/technology incontinent,

It's a site that combines several other subscription streaming sites. They have their own servers too, so it's not really a packaging deal.

It's owned by Crunchyroll's parent company.

You can watch Funimation, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth and a few other streaming services content there

- It's cheaper than subscribing to Crunchyroll and Funimation
- You can link your Crunchyroll account, so essentially subscribing to VRV is also subscribing to Crunchyroll
- Since they have their own servers, when Funimation or Crunchyroll are bogged down, you may be able to watch at VRV

- Not all content available at the participating streaming services is available at VRV. For example, a bunch of Funimation shows like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are not available on VRV
- You can't link to your Funimation account, so if you want to watch Funimation shows which are not available on VRV, you have to subscrive to FunimatonNow too.
- There is a Fuimation Only subscription to VRV, which costs the same as a FunimatinNow subscription, but doesn't get you all of the shows that FUnimationNow has
- They seem slow to create apps. It took them forever to create an Amazone FireTV app
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