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Posted 2/10/18 , edited 2/10/18
This is more of a vent than anything. For the past two years I have had ongoing and quite frequent issues with video playback halting and instead of buffering and continuing playing the progress bar resets to zero and does not recover with out a full refresh of the page.

Responses from CR have ranged from Known Issue we are looking into it (clearly not)
To cookie cutter replies such as clear cache / cookies disable hardware acceleration / smoothing / even change your DNS (which makes no sense because if there was a DNS issue you would not be able to access the site or content in the first place) as the computer would not be able to resolve the IP.

Issues have continued getting worse and are suspiciously most noticeable on days when more popular shows are released (almost like the servers cant keep up with demand something I have mentioned repeatedly)

it is most certainly NOT my computer as CR seems to keep implying
Not only have I confirmed this issue On MULTIPLE BROWSERS (Tested Chrome, Firefox, Waterfox, Opera, IE). Issue was also reproducible on all the above browsers across MULTIPLE COMPUTERS!! and its not a network issue as the issue is just as likely to occur whether its at home the library or a local coffee shop.

It's also not a hardware issue either as both my desktop and laptop have i7's with 32 and 16 GB memory kits and discrete Nvidia GPU's.(though to be honest any computer purchased in the last few years even one with integrated graphics should be able to handle 1080p video easily)

I am sick and tired of CR hand waving this away and refusing to address the obvious problems with their back-end content servers and possible scripting errors in the website it's self.

So now that the rant is over has anyone been able to figure out this video halting issue? If it's not the CR servers (which i am pretty sure it is) and actually a scripting issue on the website has anyone created a user script to fix it or at least improve playback stability since clearly CR is unwilling or incapable of even acknowledging that there is a problem !!
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Posted 2/10/18 , edited 2/11/18

mikeloeven wrote:

This is more of a vent than anything.

I've moved this to Suggestions / Feedback.
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