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Posted 2/11/18 , edited 2/19/18
It's actually one of the reasons why I left CR for more than a year, I truly think the page is misleading and chaotic.

The problem with the user's interface right now is that we do not necessarily follow up CR with the latest episode we watch, since it's not easy to mark an episode watched as a click of a button (which is not my point here but another thing to improve), and and most of the time I need to check the anime I'm following not necessarily the episode which is harder the more I add to the queue.

Solution in my opinion is simple:
A simple designed page with the anime we're following is needed
Divide the queue page into two (Just like it's now divided into My Queue, and History) one of the pages would simply have a grid list of "Animes/shows followed" regardless of the last episode we watched, and on the other one is where we can see the "next episode to watch!"
This way I can simply search through the anime I'm following way easier since we do this everyday and the way it is in the current user's interface it gets very complicated the more we add shows to queue
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Posted 2/15/18 , edited 2/15/18
yes, this is exactly what it needs
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