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Posted 2/19/18 , edited 7/24/18
The whole VRV site sort of feels disorganized vs. CR. I find it pretty irritating that on desktop it is very slow and buggy (works almost flawlessly on console)
But Im sure the team working on improvements have heard that enough.
Now for some real nice interface improvements:
(atleast these are mostly for the desktop vrv)

- Continue where you left off when u log back in, take me to my last episode!
- on console (ps4) i have trouble with navigating specific episodes as it has the title of the episode but not the number, just a simple convenience fix

- A trending or popularity search filter (per anime company or however)

- fix the issue where I can't see half of the anime i add to my watchlist
- some of the dubbed animes don't have the english translations when japanese letters come up so I miss half of the story
- SKIP INTRO BUTTON (im sure you can get community feedback and help on finding the beginning of every anime's intro so the work load isn't so bad
- And finally a remember me, auto sign in feature that saves the login credentials (desktop)

Let me know what ya'll think and would like to add!
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