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Posted 2/20/18 , edited 2/20/18
After seeing a picture on the internet comparing Iwabe to Kuwaki (The villain in the opening scene of Boruto), I believe
they are the same person. They have similar hair and face, similar black coat, and wield the EXACT SAME WEAPON. Also the land has been destroyed and deformed, which could have easily been done using earth style.
Also, other then Sarada and Mitsuki, Iwabe is one of the only classmates with the potential to be as strong as Boruto. He has been held back a couple times but this has been because of reasons other than his combat abilities. We see that he wants to be hokage, which means he is either full of himself or has a lot of development in store, which is a great probability considering he has been training a lot and we see he is getting serious about getting stronger. He is also one of the three characters (other than Naruto and Sarada) who gets to fight one of the blood mist ninja in the first fight sequence in the series, which means he is probably going to be important and not just a random side character.
Also, in the Blood mist arc he relates to Kagura about being in the shadow of his grandfather, yet we actually have no idea who his parents or grandparents are, or what clan he may be from. We do know that he uses full control earth style, including Earth Dome and earth wall, in a way that is very similar to how Hashirama used his wood style, which is a kekkei genkai of Water and EARTH.
Not only that but THEY LOOK THE SAME. If you look at their eyes and skin tone, Hashirama and Iwabe are clearly related in some way.
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