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Posted 4/14/18 , edited 4/15/18

NariMin wrote:

Hi everyone! My name is Nari Min but my real name is Lupita. I'm a third year in a college pursuing a degree in history. I'm usually not the type to go out to parties, but enjoy playing video games, watching lots of anime, and eating yummy food.

I love this anime because of Zero Two's overall look and the relationship she has with her! The overall cuteness from the anime and how the members work together is so interesting to watch because it makes it different than others. Darling in the Franxx has shown such great assets like the backstory from most characters and how they got to where they are now.

Hallo Nari Min ! I love your name "Lupita"

It's one i have not seen before ,

Here you shall find plenty of new friends and great fun while being with us!
Also i must say i agree with your review of Ditf and Zerotwo... Beautiful story and developments right and with solid foundations to build from.

Be sure to comment with your own views and any feelings you may have had on the forums as we would love to hear from you.

Another thing to add is the Discord, we would like for you to join us too and we even host watch parties for the new Eps and even at times afterwards or before we will watch some other anime and speak about it or just simply chat.

You don't have to be shy, or can simply easy your way into the group here or on Discord.

We are all very nice and welcoming i can assure you

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Posted 5/22/18 , edited 5/22/18
My Name is SecretZeroTwo. My original Name is Max and I'm a Farmer. In my Freetime I love to watch Animes, listen to Music, eat tasty things, like Zero Two. and other Things.

This is also one of the reasons why I like and watch the Anime Darling in the Franxx. Another reason is that I like Zero Two, her character, her appearance and her uniforms etc. She's just very sweet. Besides, I like the story of the anime.
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Posted 5/26/18 , edited 5/27/18
Hi, I'm Kênia. My only name, haha.
I'm 24 and almost graduating as a portuguese/english teacher. I'm from Brazil btw.

I like horror stuff in general (movies, tv series, anime, manga etc). This is my second experience with mecha genre (the first was Evangelion).

I watch anime since I was a kid but when I entered the university, I didn't have much time... I'm new at crunchyroll. I got very excited when I met this website!

I started to watch Darlifra without expectations and the relatioship between Hiro and Zero Two got me caught haha And the story is sooo good, I became a fan of this show.

Also, who doesn't fall in love with Zero Two?
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Posted 5/28/18 , edited 5/29/18
Preach! Gotta love ZeroHiro.
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Posted 6/24/18 , edited 6/24/18
How got Hiro out of Strelizia without understanding that 002 didnt disconnect.......and that Strelizia was moving to the stars....
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