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Posted 2/21/18 , edited 2/22/18
I think itd be cool at add a History by anime tab in the queue so we can more readily browse anime to rewatch instead of scrolling through countless episodes given my daily anime intake
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Posted 2/23/18 , edited 2/23/18
Yeah it is especially confusing and not really handable if you watch through the TV app. When I was watching a series of 6 episodes of the same anime, my history on the TV App (Android) shows me those six episodes, but that does not help me to define what I was watching before. Scrolling through pannels after pannels makes it painfull. This is why my queue also contains animes I have finished watching, because I would compleetly miss if an episode or season gets added months later (I watch such a lot of animes though :/ ).

Tags like the queu flag on an anime would be cool.

Orange tag = in my queue list / currently actively updated animes
Green Tag = already watched that / already watched full season no more episodes to go (so if I see a green and orange tag on a recently updated i can just continue watching that. (should be set manually on the overalll anime name (not per episodes)
Red Tag = Not interested (set on overall anime, not per episode).

Could also be an other symbol though.

The thing is... your catalogue is soooooooo big I can not memorize what I have watched or checked out and disliked. I end up watching series I have already seen or checking an anime out I have already checked but disliked. Sorry I am getting old, my memory needs help on stuff like this.

While navigating on the website is super fast, it can be a hassle in the TV App (and I like to watch on TV though :/ ).
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