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Posted 2/22/18 , edited 2/22/18
Here are some topics to get your gears turning and maybe your steam fuming to encourage healthy debates:

UNO: What makes a good protagonist? If both the crazy Naruto, jerk kirito, and unemotional saitama are all beloved, what's the common ground?

DOS: What are some differences between western media vs. anime and what makes you like anime more as oppsed to western media?

TRES: What are some underated or decidedly "bad shows" that you think were labeled so unjustly, or, what are some decidely "amazing hype shows" that you think suck (like "the ancient Magus' bride")?

QUATRO: What anime character do you think is a good role model, what morals or values do they have that you think make them a good example?

CINQO: What anime girl or guy is best husbando or waifu material?

PLUS - Anything else you feel strongly about but no one seems to mention, go right ahead. This is the place. Even create your own forum, here you can have that platform!!

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