Post Reply can someone help me figure out the name of this drama/show ;0;
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Posted 2/25/18 , edited 2/26/18
so a LONG time ago I watched this Korean show. I'm trying so hard to find it again, but haven't had any luck

I hope with the small and odd information I remember from the show, someone can help me with this

So basically in the show, a group of strangers go live in this house together, I think it was to find love, but not completly sure, but I believe the show focused on that

It follows the life of these people around, and you watch them bond with each other.

I remember very well that one of the girls is a model, and she begins dating one of the guys she met in the house
Said guy took each of the girls on a date to see which girl interests him the most

aaaaaand that's all I can remember about the show

its not much, but I hope someone can help me out
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