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Posted 2/26/18 , edited 2/26/18

I am currently reading 'I Am A Hero' by Kengo Hanazawa and loving it. I'm also deep into the work of Junji Ito right now, working through his collection on my bookshelf.

My question is ... Can you suggest any similar manga? Adult, horror, gory, creepy and funny stuff.

On the other end of the scale... I would like to make sure I don't end up reading just one type of manga, so could you suggest something cutesy and slice of life as well?

Thanks in advance
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Posted 2/26/18 , edited 2/26/18
Most of what I read lately is slice-of-life so let me give some recommendations on that front.

Yotsuba&! is a sweet slice-of-life manga that follows the daily adventures of a little girl.
Sweetness & Lightning is a very sweet cooking/slice-of-life manga. Like, really sweet. Go consult your doctor about your bloodsugar levels if you plan to binge read.

On the not so cute end of slice-of-life I've always had a soft spot for Space Brothers. You may have seen or heard about the anime adaption. It's the story of a man who, after his life neccessitates a career change, is reminded of his childhood aspiration of going to the moon with his younger brother so he decides to follow in his brother's footsteps who is already an astronaut.
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