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Posted 2/26/18 , edited 2/26/18
I just linked accounts. One you can not link in app! The option only exist in the web browser under When liked the video play at less than 480p while my connection runs at 1080p on other apps and web sites. The auto adjustment claim is false due to my connection ability. Simply lower resolution is the standard on VRV. Fact. I can see why VRV has low resolution video abilities. Saves bandwidth and strain on servers. This is why Crunchyroll want folks on the weekend to switch to VRV. It explains why no setting for a higher resolution exists for VRV.

I have played multiple episodes and it no better payback than 480 p when other sources look much better even the current CR app plays a better image! So if lower image quality is the future for Crunchyroll it a not good one! How do I delink the accounts? VRV is a low resolution option with poor video quality option that’s just a bad idea.
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