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Posted 3/1/18 , edited 3/2/18
I haven't read world trigger for a while but I've been wanting to get back into it!
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Posted 3/2/18 , edited 3/13/18
World Trigger's mangaka is apparently still sick, unfortunately, so there might not be much to get back into. Which is a shame because the last big thing in the series was actually a really cool match where everyone got to shine in their specific roles and stuff. What makes it even worse is that since the series has never had as much appeal as something like Hunter x Hunter, Jump might eventually just drop it completely....

Which is a shame because World Trigger is genuinely well written and super clever and it deserves more credit than a lot of popular series really get nowadays.
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Posted 3/7/18 , edited 3/8/18
I started it when the anime came out. Real glad my library has it. I should likely see how much further I can get with the story by reading it on here. One thing I'm really liking so far is that the author doesn't seem to have any plans of putting in any shonen esk power jumps (ie: raising the power levels higher and higher and higher). That could change, but with our main character being the weakling he is (and we love him for it) and needing to be able to contribute, I don't see the power jumps happening for a long long time.
I also like the tournaments and how strategic everything is.
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