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Posted 3/2/18 , edited 3/3/18
I know im a little behind the ball on reading this, but i started reading the seven deadly sins recently on cruchyroll’s manga app. Just today i was reading for a little bit and put my phone down for a little and kept the app open in the background. Later in the day i opened the app back up and continued where i left off. I finished the chapter (meliodas was about to fight the old man in the tournament to get diane’s weapon, and the old man told meliodas where he was from. Pretty early on. If you know the chpater please let me know that way I dont have to search for it. Thanks) anyways as i swept right to continue to the next chapter i got the typical 401 error i get sometimes on cruchyroll apps. But when i opened it back up after closing it chapter 1 was there, but 2-95 were gone. Is this just a glitch in my app, or did they really just drop those chapters? Cause I’d be pissed. They already dropped yamada and the seven witches while i was reading it. If This happened to you too let me know and also if there’s a way to fix this please tell me. I would appreciate it
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Posted 3/2/18 , edited 3/4/18
To just quote myself:

mfritsch wrote:

As announced here the deal CR had with Kodansha changed so all of the currently running titles licensed by Kodansha switched to simulpub only with only the "uncollected" chapters remaining available.
Kodansha titles that had finished their run went away completely and we got a bunch on new simulpub titles and worldwide (ex. Japan) access for Kodansha titles as announced here. Many of the new titles don't have their first chapters available though.

The arc you mention should be starting around chapter 30 so start looking from there.
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