Post Reply VRV, what the heck? (entering a new card for subscription)
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Posted 3/2/18 , edited 3/3/18
So, this is the process for updating your payment information with a new card on VRV.

"In order to update/replace a credit card, please follow these steps:

1) Unsubscribe from your active subscription(s)
(Even if you unsubscribe, you will still have premium access until the end of your billing cycle)

2) Remove your credit card

3) Add your new/updated credit card

4) Resubscribe to any premium channels

Resubscribing will reset your billing date, so it is best to do this at end of your billing cycle. This will ensure that you are not double billed."

What??? Come on, guys, what is this? I have cancel my membership, delete my payment info, then remember when my cancelled membership ends to resubscribe instead of just adding a new card like literally every subscription service service I've ever used?

I've been on the fence on whether to downgrade back to Crunchyroll-only or keep VRV and things like this coupled with other problems with VRV don't make me want to pay the extra fee.
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