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Post Reply Episode 8: Boys x Girls
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Posted 3/7/18 , edited 3/7/18

buyingGF wrote:

Darlings this is concerning.

The last two episodes were pretty lighthearted. Too quite. Some real shit about to happen soon.

oh my god you're right. Something is about to go down this weekend. FEAR MY DARLINGS.
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Posted 3/9/18 , edited 3/10/18
@Sneaki yeah.... sorry it was my ocd love for this group... an zerotwo.. i blame it on that lol.

@Buyinggf it has to be this.... i really had wanted them to have more good times before something really strong hit them..... but the way it was presented the past weeks yeah something is going on... and i have watched the preview on twitter and somethings hmm

Some have said before we would not be prepared for how dark this series would turn, maybe that is so? but we always knew something would happen. Well we all in this together

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