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Posted 3/3/18 , edited 3/3/18
So i take it JJBA Part 5 wont be coming any time soon, i heard good things and bad things, some spoilers on whats next and from the games, Part 4 went through some censoring but was done poorly and i say that cause they allowed nudity but smoking is bad? dragon ball even did it, jjba did it twice and feeding a baby its own poop? really? what the hell japan? and from what i head part 5 will be the same if not worse. and because of that i tried to look into the manga... oh guess what? i cant find any manga on part 5. so my question is. if Part 5 anime is ever gonna happen or a place i can find the manga, i found one place cause i heard the guy who lived on the telephone tower had a bit more content in the manga but i saw nothing and the site was full of pop ups. i want to see more but doesnt seem like they are going to nor share it
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