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Posted 3/4/18 , edited 3/4/18
If something like this already exists, please link it! Thank you!

Welcome to CrunchyOnline, the MMORPG where any character you like from any anime you like can make a difference!

In this forum, you can suggest fun events, bosses, dungeons, items, settings, and anything else using characters and other assets from your favorite anime!

For example:

The Koro Sensei boss would require you to cooperate with a large part in order to truly be taken down, and the characters would have to move fast to counter its extremely high speeds! When killed, it drops a special hat that increases speed by 100%! However, if you don’t kill it, your wisdom will still increase based on the length of the battle!

A couple quick rules/reminders:

-Any anime is welcome to be used in this!
-When describing stats, use percentages. The main stats are strength, speed, and wisdom, but any good mmorpg would have a lot more, so feel free to suggest more as you wish!
-Please do not post two times in a row!
-Enjoy yourself!

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