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Posted 3/5/18 , edited 3/5/18
So I watch crunchyroll on my Sony Smart Tv that operates using android. First off, the app will kick me out saying that I don't have internet connection when I can look at the network status and see I clearly do and are able to access YouTube and Netflix after the fact. Second, I WOULD LIKE THE PAUSE MENU TO DISA-FACKING-PPEAR if I so choose. Why can't I take in a scene from the show or give myself time to read linger texts like the in-betweens for Attack on Titan? Hulu makes their service completely seem less; it won't reset you to the beginning of the list if you pick an episode and back out, they stack episodes instead of listing them horizontally for 110 episodes(like crunchyroll does), AND you can make the pause screen disappear. I like crunchyroll but it gives me migraines just trying to navigate through the software. I would just like to see more quality of life improvements on the streaming service, especially if I pay for it.
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