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Posted 3/5/18 , edited 3/5/18
My girlfriend has a son and I plan to watch anime with him at my girlfriend's house. Can I stream crunchyroll via their computer? I don't want to be mistaken for sharing my account. My brother at home streams crunchyroll at home, so there is a chance that my account will be active at two different houses simultaneously.
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Posted 3/5/18 , edited 3/5/18
The difference between what the rules state against sharing, and what you are doing, is that You are actually using it, which is allowed. I am logged into Crunchyroll as multiple computers, and have suffered no ill effect. It's a rather common practice for those with multiple locations and devices.

The rules state that you aren't allowed to share it unless you and the other person live in the same house. (I.E. A parent sharing their account with their child.)

However, this only applies to when someone else is using your account without you there, not you using your account for the mutual entertainment of others.

It is perfectly allowed, and Crunchyroll doesn't generally enforce these rules.
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