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Posted 3/6/18 , edited 3/6/18
You know how all of us here hate 4Kids because of its inability to keep its own anime dubs faithful to the source material, cutting and censoring them left and right and reducing them to scathing crap less to tell good stories and more to exploit children and sell toys?

Somehow, nobody talks about all of the numerous instances of 4Kids trying to replicate its success with Pokemon, not just with the bad dubs, but also the numerous anime and cartoon series based around collecting and raising monsters for battle that are similar to Pokemon. And we had a ton of them:

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! (Obviously).

2. Fighting Foodons.

3. Shaman King.

4. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

5. Chaotic.

6. Dai-Gatta Defenders.

7. Dinosaur King.

8. Tai-Chi Chasers.

9. Huntik.

10. Magi-Nation.

And the list goes on and on.

So why were people angry at 4Kids' bad dubs, e.g. One Piece, but not its constant barrage of collectible monster cartoons, anime, and tokusatsu, all similar to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh?
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Posted 3/6/18 , edited 3/6/18
Probably because Pokémon was an anime made to sell a game (and merchandising empire), and so was Yu-Gi-Oh and it's eleven quadrillion spinoffs.
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Posted 3/6/18 , edited 3/6/18
I get, but don't share the hate for the One Piece dub. That OP was gloriously campy.
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Posted 3/6/18 , edited 3/6/18
Quite an interesting link you found. I'm not mad at the endless amount of merchandise because unlike the rubbish dubs, the stuff it's promoting is actually very good. Love Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and I watched One Piece after FUNimation picked up the slack, and now I'm an avid fan. Don't hate the anime because they were always originally meant for advertising the original product, even when they were Japanese dubbed and actually good, hate 4Kids and their poor quality localisation, and pray to God that decent anime localisation companies like FUNimation pick up the pieces and do them justice.
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