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Posted 3/7/18 , edited 3/7/18
For me, it's Evangelion:

What about you, and why?
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It might be what I'm gravitating towards, but the anime I watch tends to deal a lot with mental health, loneliness, isolation. The whole Hikikomori phenomena, which I think is becoming an issue here in the West to.

I genuinely, don't think that Western television or movies deal with this in any way at all and if they do, its generally glossed over or meant for either comic relief or its a one off thing.

Shows like 3-gatsu no Lion, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Orange, Say 'I Love You' and Boku dake ga Inai Machi touch upon the effect and damage that isolation, trauma all have on mental health and how they affect people. Something I genuinely have not seen in Western produced television or film; those topics tend to be left alone and if they're talked about, the films are heavy and do not necessarily do it in a more accessible way.

I do like the fact that the idea of community and friendships and love are themes that play into this and they're shown that they can be a positive counter to those issues. So, perhaps not commentary per say but it is a theme throughout at least what I watch.
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Posted 3/7/18 , edited 3/7/18
A Centaur's Life.

It takes the idea of an extremely liberal society and emphasizes both the good and bad portions of it. A lot of people want to only consider it a Cute Girls Do Cute Things Slice of Life show, but it's definitely a commentary about the benefits and demerits of forcing equality at all levels of society.

One part that was more subtle that stuck out to me was that, the law subsidizes healthcare for interspecies children and protects peoples' rights to interspecies mating even though it results in children that are sickly. It kind of brings up the question of, how far should a person's choice be respected.

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