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Posted 3/8/18 , edited 3/9/18
I've noticed across multiple series with the limited japanese I do know and the fact that they like to pepper in english words and phrases that the subtitles for lots of shows are just plain wrong.

Small examples are when the family name and given name are flipped. Or when characters are referred to by different names from different people it all gets subbed as there proper name.

Using Bleach as an example:
"Ichigo Kurosaki" Not correct
When his sisters say "Ichi-nii" or "Onii-chan" and it gets a flat translation as "Ichigo"

Sometimes entire sentences get changed losing the original meaning and certain jokes get cut altogether. Who ever is editing these scripts before they get turned into subtitles needs to be a bit lighter on the localization. Have some more faith in the viewers. We obviously already like anime, and we get that there are cultural differences. Just give faithful reproductions and not biased interpretations.

Maybe try looking up some fansubbers and get them on payroll. Eliminates the competition as well as raises the bar for your own service.
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Posted 3/8/18 , edited 3/18/18
i expected examples where the translation was completely off the mark.

>Ichigo Kurosaki
in English, unlike in Japanese language, people's name is first name followed by their last name. this is one of the differences in language and culture. there's nothing wrong with the translation here.

>"Ichi-nii" or "Onii-chan"
are clearly forms of endearment when referring to one's older brother. unfortunately, there isn't an equivalent in English that shows the endearment / familiarity - there's only "brother", "big brother", though they chose to translate it by using Ichigo's name instead.
not an accurate translation, but that's one of the limitations when translating Japanese to English. i don't think it detracts that much from the experience.

some illegal fansubbers may opt for weeb translations, having "san", "sama" in the subtitles, while CR may opt to not include the honorifics in their subs. this comes down to preference and has little impact on the enjoyment of the show.
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