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Posted 3/10/18 , edited 3/11/18
As title says, looking for a new RPG. Just beat Zelda: BotW and it was fantastic. Other games I played and liked recently...

Persona 5
Final Fantasy XV
Heavy Rain

I enjoyed Witcher 3, Skyrim, and Dragon Age games but I always lose interest partway through. I prefer turn based combat and great story if at all possible. Thanks in advance!
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Posted 3/10/18 , edited 3/10/18
Phantom Brave

- Turn Based
- Story Driven
- Tons of Voice Acting
- Amazing Soundtrack
- Unique combat system based on binding spirits to inanimate objects on the battlefield giving them form and specific attributes.
- Replayable Levels
- A random dungeon generator for those that want to challenge themselves

And it's now available on PC.

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Posted 3/10/18 , edited 3/11/18
I haven't had the chance to try it yet but my brother has been swearing by Tokyo Xanadu EX+ . He tells me it plays like the persona series of games. He's very picky when it comes to RPGs/MMORPGs so I have no doubt it'll be a fun ride. Oh and it plays like an anime he said.

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Posted 3/11/18 , edited 3/11/18
How about Black Desert Online?
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Posted 3/12/18 , edited 3/13/18
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky + their sequels. At least I got really into the story and the music's good.

Tales of Berseria, Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Symphonia. I feel like 'Tales of' games are either hit or miss. Combat is not quite turn-based but they're all very story heavy.
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Posted 3/24/18 , edited 3/24/18

its not new but it's free up to a degree and the full game is only 9.99 a month.

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Posted 4/12/18 , edited 4/12/18
If you have a 3DS, there's a strategy RPG called Stella Glow that I really liked. In fact, it's my favorite game on the 3DS. I like the characters, the storytelling (the story itself isn't terribly unpredictable), and the strategy that keeps me on my toes.

Also, about Tokyo Xanadu Ex+... It's a pretty good game and worth buying, so I second that recommendation. However, it's my least favorite Falcom game I've played to date, and I've played Xanadu Next on Steam and enjoyed that more, even though I normally hate the top-down dungeon crawling experience. However (again), this is the least favorite from a game company that hasn't produced a bad game yet IMO, so that's not saying too much. Maybe it's because I played it after Ys 8, which has more fluid movement.

Also also, about Phantom Brave. I fully back this suggestion. It's such an underrated gem among NISA's catalog. The main protagonist is a top-grade cinnamon roll of a girl, and it's so endearing especially in a fairly serious game. Well, the main story anyway. Another Marona and the post-game, however...
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