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Posted 3/11/18 , edited 3/12/18
How do I describe this? Is there a guide on the detailed mechanics of a mecha or any large robots? And is going into descriptions about how they work necessary or something to be avoided or both?

Thanks alot as usual.
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Posted 3/11/18 , edited 3/12/18
The answer can be any you want it to be.
You don't have to go into details of how your mech operates, neither is it something that should be avoided at all cost.
What you'll have to decide is how much detail do you need (and want) to cover to accomplish what it is you want to do. Depending on what kind of project you're working on there may very well be different thresholds of how much information is required and how much is too much.
Is the focus of your project piloting the mecha or is it fabrication and maintenance of the mecha (or is it both)?

Monster-of-the-week scenarios don't need to explain how their mechas work, it's sufficient that they do and the fights are interesting. Technical information is really only added as world-building or when the plot asks for something to stop (or start) working properly. Dumping a vast amount of technical information on an audience that wants to see robots duking it out with ...things may go unappreciated.

A project where the technical workings of the mecha is a more prominent aspect will of course have to expand upon that but the scope of how much information is absolutely necessary differs. In a way your lore dictates how much of it you need to disclose.
Is your mecha alien/ancient technology and none of your perspective characters have a good understanding on how it works? Just feed the audience important technical information as your characters become aware of it.
Is your mecha a common mass-produced model or is the technology behind it otherwise "mundane" for the setting? Depending on how commonplace the technology is you may get away with going into very little detail until the plot asks for certain aspects to become relevant where a brief explanation will suffice.
Is your mecha a revolutionary new or otherwise uncommon technology and one or more of your perspective characters know how it works? You may want to cover some basic information in this case. If there's a new material involved it'll be good to know that but we don't necessarily need to know what it's composed of (unless the plot asks for it).

The only universal advice I can give is to be consistent with the information you do provide and to try and obey basic physical laws unless your technology or setting can explain why, or rather that, they don't apply.
I'll be looking at you funny if you keep your 50 foot robot in the garden shed without telling me you can somehow shrink it down first.
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Posted 3/12/18 , edited 3/12/18
Well what if you know nothing about mecha design? Is that a problem or can you make stuff up or is there a guide on all this stuff?

Also thank you for responding. I really appreciate it.
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