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Posted 3/14/18 , edited 3/15/18
I have been a premium member for a very LONG time, I have been waiting for for some problems to be fixed for way over 6 months.
I have seen some of them discussed on this forum but I will reiterate for those who do not have these problems.
The first problem that has shown up is on the app and it matters not whether or not it was on the Android or the Win10 app, is going through the newly updated episodes, the app will freeze and no longer respond to any command at random, say after a page or so back, requiring a full restart of the app.
Samsung Note4 with all the latest updates to the phone and app, Android Version 6.01
Windows 10 64 bit all the latest updates to the OS and the app, I have 3 Win 10 machines, with the same symptoms.
1 original Surface Pro 64 bit, 1 New Surface Pro 64 bit and 1 Desktop, Home built Gaming machine, all Win10 64 bit OS.
additionally the windows machines with crash after the next episode in the series loads after about 200 seconds, EVERY time. The app just disappears from the screen and the task bar as if it was never running, even looking through the task manager it is not running.
I do not use a browser for viewing just the apps, all apps are downloaded and installed through the appropriate stores and none are 3rd party.
Very annoying...
Will someone PLEASE fix this, It is inexcusable in a paid for monthly subscription.

Rant off,

thank you
TJ Reid aka MrDestinE
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