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Posted 3/15/18 , edited 3/15/18

I'm new here, so, my apologies for any mistakes.

I've been trying to find somewhere to watch Mushishi season 2, and everything points to Crunchyroll. That's good an all, but the majority of the Mushishi episodes are missing. There should be 26 for season 1 alone! 20 for season 2, for a total of 46 episodes! But only 20 are actually available here, and they appear to be a mix of old and new. Oh, and you can't actually tap them or even view them, you have to skip through them manually.

I activated my free trial for what appears to be nothing, which is saddening, but I'm sure this is just an error. I'd greatly appreciate some help with this, though.
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Posted 3/15/18 , edited 3/15/18
Funimation has the rights to season 1, episodes 1-26. Those may or may not ever come over here at some point, depending on their contract terms. It is also on Hulu, Tubi TV, and Amazon for pay only.

CR has rights to the 45 minute OVA Hihamukage (about a solar eclipse) as a separate blue stripe on the show page, which preceded season 2 in broadcast order.

Then all in one "season" block called The Next Passage, these follow the broadcast order as well. On an app, you will need to find the dropdown which switches seasons. It is more visible on the web page for the show.

Season 2 (Mushishi Zoku Shou), episodes 1-10

Followed in broadcast order by the 45 minute special Path of Thorns (Odoro no Michi, which may be elsewhere labeled as separate episodes 11 & 12), here labeled as a single episode SP.

Following that are 10 more episodes for Second season part two. CR numbers these as 11-20.

Netflix also has season 2, as does Amazon Prime, but without the two 45 minute OVAs.

No one has the finale 45 minute movie drops of bells (Suzu no Shizuku) legally.

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