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Posted 3/16/18 , edited 3/16/18
Hey there, folks. I've been a fan of the vs. Capcom series for a while, and I've really enjoyed the sorts of crossover potential that the series can offer. Well, I thought it might be fun to start a thread for folks to discuss what I think could be a fun game for the series: Shonen Jump vs. Capcom. Both companies offer plenty of fun and memorable characters, and the opportunity to bring them together in battle sounds like such a fun opportunity.

I don't have a major roster idea yet, but I have thought of what could be a few fun rivalries for such a game.

Goku vs. Ryu (major hero for each respective company's biggest franchise)
Frieza vs. M. Bison (major villain for each respective company's biggest franchise)
Naruto vs. Strider Hiryu (goofball ninja with jutsu vs. serious ninja with sword)
Dio vs. Morrigan (seductive figures who can drain life from others)
Kinnikuman vs. Mike Haggar (pro wrestlers)
Monkey D. Luffy vs. Edward Falcon (both heroes seek a legendary treasure)
Deku vs. Viewtiful Joe (superhero fanboys whose appearances/abilities are derived from their idols)
Yugi Muto vs. Phoenix Wright (both use intelligence and cunning to overcome foes)

So, what thoughts or ideas do you all have about the idea of a Shonen Jump vs. Capcom fighting game?
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Posted 3/19/18 , edited 3/20/18
Amaterasu VS the Mink Tribe how many will fall to the sun god?
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