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Posted 3/16/18 , edited 3/17/18
Hi I've been a user of the mobile apps and i have some bugs and grievances I would like to report:

Cruchyroll iOS app:

Bug: Disappearing/missing subtitles at random places. When watching an episode the subtitles sometimes flash really quickly and are impossible to read or they don't show at all. They show correctly on the website so it must be an issue with the app.
Bug: Often the pause/play button stops working for a while if you just used the +10sec -10sec buttons to rewind or fast forward.

Manga iOS app:

Feature request: An update of the layout for iPhone Plus versions. The app looks like a zoomed in version of the one for smaller phones and doesn't take advantage of the extra pixels.
Feature request: Horizontal and vertical modes and reading directions. Personally i like to read manga like in Japanese books where pages are read from the right to the left or continuously scrolling.
Feature request: I would like to be able to resume from the page i last read instead of scrolling for ages to find the chapter or having to remember to bookmark.

Crunchyroll site and apps:

Feature request: a smarter queue that can divide currently airing/completed/in progress so we don't have to search forever for your show if you like to keep all seasons watched in the queue. A favorites tab also would be nice.
Feature request: A night/dark mode would be much appreciated too.

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