Creating a Platform for Independent Animators
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Posted 3/22/18 , edited 3/23/18
Dear Crunchyroll Team,

I have always loved your site and admired it because it gives a lot of benefits to all the users. This is actually not much of a problem, but more of a suggestion.

I am animator on YouTube. As I am sure the Crunchyroll Team is aware, animators have been having a hard time trying to stay relevant on YouTube. The YouTube algorithm change which promotes and recommends videos longer than 10 minutes from channels that upload frequently or daily has made it hard for animators like myself to grow since animation consumes a lot of time to make. With the addition of YouTube demonetization issues and the lack of communication between the YouTube Team and the creators, making animations on YouTube has not been very easy and motivating at all.

Since I discovered that Crunchyroll has been working on amazing apps like VRV, I thought it would be good for all the animators on YouTube if I at least try to suggest Crunchyroll to make a platform specifically for artists and animators. I would really love to join and see how the Crunchyroll Team can help us new independent animators grow. As so far, the Crunchyroll Team has helped sponsor some of my favorite creators on YouTube such as Domics and Emirichu.

I am really hoping that my suggestion of creating a platform for artists and animators would be at least considered. It would really help us all immensely since YouTube mostly promotes all the vloggers and other daily entertainers. Not only will this platform help by promoting all the art creators and hardworking animators, it would also be beneficial to Crunchyroll itself.

Thank you for your time.

(YouTube Animator)
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Posted 3/23/18 , edited 3/23/18
Closed since a second thread was made --the difference being that the second includes a poll.
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