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Posted 3/24/18 , edited 3/24/18
Though this happened earlier this month (March 4th and March 17th) I thought I'd post the info about the carrier and cruiser's discovery here, since some people showed interest in these discoveries here before. USS Lexington, was an American Aircraft carrier, it was sunk on May 8th, 1942 (scuttled by USS Phelps), in the Battle of the Coral Sea, in which was considered the first Carrier-on-Carrier battle against 3 Japanese carriers. It's wreck was found by Paul Allen, a man who is famous for discovering sunk WW2 ships. He also found USS Juneau on March 17th, it was an Atlanta-class light cruiser, it was sunk on November 13th, 1942, by a Japanese submarine in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.
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