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Posted 3/24/18 , edited 3/24/18
my top 5 would be:

Butch Hartman

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Posted 4/17/18 , edited 8/2/18
I am not certain if this topic is more suitable for the Miscellaneous section, but I suppose I will be the first individual to respond.

I enjoy many accounts from YouTube where there are many to keep monitor of, but I will name the few that I watch currently.
Edit: I am adding new channels that I am slowly watching more.

tigerears - Plays Splatoon 2 videos
Sir NintendoLot - He plays various Nintendo games
That Japanese Man Yuta - Discusses events that occur in Japan and interviews the citizens
Domics - I mostly enjoy Domics animation skills, and at times enjoy seeing him discuss specific moments from his life.
Great Big Story - The page shares many good interviews and stories from various people, including the voice actor for Mario
Asian Boss - Interviews people on different topics (e.g. North Korea, bigotry in China or Korea for example)
DW Documentary - I share many of their documentaries to help increase awareness to many problems happening in this world.
The Game Theorists - I compliment Matthew's editors who create the unique animation from the pictures in the videos, and at times watch to see MatPat's (at times excessive) analysis on a certain game, the plot or the characters.
CypherDen - I have noticed her channel from the Recommendations after watching Domics, and I adore her illustration and animation style. Cypher is the same as Domics, who documents moments of their life through ther animations.
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Posted 5/3/18 , edited 5/4/18
I will agree to Rogersbase. I honestly like his plot theories on OP. 7575
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