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Posted 3/27/18 , edited 3/27/18
Subbed to VRV for a while now, overall enjoying but I have a couple quality of life feature suggestions that I think would take things up a notch.

1. Web Based Device Activation/Login System - This is increasingly common so I don't think this would be THAT huge a hurdle to implement. In my experience, I feel like I have to re-login to my Roku, Xbox, etc soooo often, which kind of kills me, I'd love to be able to login to a device once and be done for the foreseeable future, barring any payment issues etc. But failing that, I should at least be able to do the typing on my phone or computer instead of trying to use my remote control. The kind of system I'm describing is like with Amazon or youtube where I load the app and I have the option to either enter my credentials or it generates a 6 digit code and I go to, login, enter the 6 digit code. And the device is now logged in.

2. Subtitles in dubs - Sometimes its just hard to make out what people are saying due to accent, other audio, poor hearing, etc. And sometimes there are translations of Japanese text that just don't seem to appear unless subtitles are turned on. So I and I'm sure many others, would really like it if we could turn on subtitles for dubbed shows.

3. Understanding that Funimation and Crunchyroll are different "channels" and that generally speaking Funimation tends to = dubs and Crunchyroll = subs. It would be convenient to have a button/link on that lets you flip between the two when an anime exists on both channels. So I can search for an anime, accidentally click on the Crunchyroll link, and then assuming it exists as a Funimation dub, just click a link on that page to flip to the Funimation entry, or vice versa. Instead of having to re-search.
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