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Your dream job, your real job!

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19 / F / America
Posted 8/7/18 , edited 8/7/18
My dream job is to work on the advertising/PR team for an entertainment company or a video game company.

My current job is a lab assistant for a computer lab at my university. i'm studying advertising though so i'm halfway there c:
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M / eastern standard...
Posted 8/11/18 , edited 8/11/18
dream job- veterinary surgeon
actual job - veterinary technician (when school is on break)

im finishing my prerequisites to get into vet school right now
Posted 8/11/18 , edited 8/11/18
I always wanted to be a spy/secret agent, but I'm dense as a rock, hate problem solving and can't act. I just like the idea of doing something different everyday, I know it won't be as fun/flashy as those cliched movies, but it's got to be more exciting than sitting at a PC all day replying to stupid emails/answering stupid people's phone calls.

Realistically, I don't want to work. Is that a crime? I want to be like those rich kids on instagram, just live off of someone else's money and not do anything.
Posted 8/14/18 , edited 8/14/18
Dream Job: Personal Trainer (Weightlifting)

Actual job: Manager/Administrator

I still weight-lift on a personal basis, but i'd to be able to do so as a full-time career and teach others proper form/exercises for each body part. I mean shit, i already train some people but basically for free. I'll just wait until i make bank and then invest into training.
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34 / F
Posted 8/16/18 , edited 8/16/18
My dream job is to be a volcanologist who is actually out in the field. I absolutely love studying volcanology as well as geology but the thing is I have so many varying interests that don't really relate to one another that it would be difficult to stick with one thing and be happy. I found that the only thing that actually links all of my interests together is storytelling and I am a storyteller already so there we go!

My actual job is retail and I'm a manager and it's not glamorous at all. That said, my job does allow me flexible hours so I can write and study things that interest me so it's not all bad.
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M / ???
Posted 9/24/18 , edited 9/24/18
Dream job: secret
Real job: bus driver
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