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Posted 3/28/18 , edited 3/28/18

Who is stronger? Who is faster? Who has more abilities? Who has more Techniques? Who is more durable? WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT TO THE DEATH?

Assume both are blood lusted and don't care about the environment around them. They are on an alternate reality earth with no people present on it but those two, and there are no other life forms in the universe.
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Posted 3/28/18 , edited 3/29/18
Seiya would win easily... If you consider both Seiya and Goku at their best.

Seiya surpassed the gold saints who has the ability to move and attack at the speed of light. His attacks destroy at the atomic level, and he has the ability to create an attack similar to the big bang. If Seiya is in a god cloth it’s even more of an overkill.

Goku is insanely powerful also, but I haven't seen anything referencing Goku attacking at the speed of light. Goku has instant transmission to evade but not to attack.
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