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Posted 3/29/18 , edited 3/29/18
I've played a lot of party-driven Japanese RPGs ever since Pokemon Gen 1, as well as gotten used to superhero teams like the Justice League, the Avengers, the Teen Titans, the X-Men, and the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (most particularly their combining Megazord). So my brain was trained into thinking that writing for an ensemble cast -- e.g. a team of heroes working together to achieve a common goal -- is somehow much easier than writing for one solo character.

But everywhere I go, a lot of people seem to be the reverse. They find just following one solo hero much easier than keeping track of multiple heroes at the same time. It's perhaps why, for example, people didn't want Sonic's friends, because following Sonic alone would have been a million times easier to follow than the 15-20+ supporting characters shoehorned into a series that already worked fine with its own title character alone. It's why, even though I'd like Master Chief to carry around Linda, Kelly, and Fred from Fall of Reach and Halo 5, and maybe add in an additional two-to-four SPARTAN-II's to fill in an eight-person squad, a lot of you would rather that the Chief instead flew solo and not carry around Linda, Kelly, Fred, or any other SPARTAN-II teammates, because he works at his best as a one-man army. And, it's why you wouldn't want to see Bayonetta, Dante Sparda, or Kratos gather three-to-five companions of their very own, not even just one companion like Trish in Dante's case, or Jeanne/Rodin in Bayonetta's case.

So how do you develop a video game or write any other fictional story in other mediums with just one solo hero, as opposed to an ensemble cast of heroes working together to fight a common enemy?
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